You can reach the PAC Executives via this email address: pac@simonfraserelementary.com.  Or click here to be directed to a webform.

2017/18 Executive: 

  • Valerie Taylor, Chair
  • Rachel Christensen, Treasurer
  • Lisa Hurlbutt, Secretary
  • Special Needs co-executives At-Large* (see below for position description)

2017/18:  We are also fortunate to have many parent volunteers acting as various committee leads including: 

  • Jennifer Stewart, DPAC rep (District Parent Advisory Council for Vancouver School Board)
  • Tom Haggie and Weston Triemstra, Webmasters

*Special Needs Executive At-Large: This position was approved at the June 2016 PAC meeting. Here is the description of the positioned also approved at the June meeting.

“The SNEAL for Simon Fraser Elementary will act as an additional resource to assist families and liaison with the PAC in matters relating to Children with Special needs that require additional support for school and events.  

The SNEAL would act as a point of contact for families of Simon Fraser Elementary School who have questions around or recommendations for activities, resources, products, or services that may be of value to their children and others. The SNEAL will bring these ideas forward to the PAC in writing at meetings to streamline parents concerns.  This position does not limit the ability of the families to bring ideas or questions to any member of the PAC.
The position would also include providing options for resources in the community and keep apprised of matters relating to those with Special Needs in the district.  This position would also help in fundraising, grants and donations for special needs.  

*The definition of Special Needs:  include children who receive an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and/or classroom support, any student with learning challenges and gifted learners.  It will also include all children with additional needs and children with extra needs such as; allergies, eating disorders or other sensitivities that require additional support and resources to assist with inclusivity.”

Roles of the PAC Executive:

Chair/Co-Chair:  the chair is responsible for liaising with the teachers and administration; running monthly PAC meetings; facilitating discussion and decision making in meetings and reaching out to the school community; reports monthly at PAC meetings.

Secretary/Co-Secretary:  the secretary prepares the meeting agendas and minutes as well as PAC communications on the website and via newsletter; coordinating childcare and meeting logistics for the monthly meetings; posting key documentation to the parent notice board at the school.

Treasurer:  the treasurer is responsible for the day-to-day financial health of the PAC; managing fundraising income and gaming grant funds and ensuring the appropriate allocation of spending according to gaming grant rules; ensures fiscal responsibility for annual planning and spending; provides reimbursement for approved PAC expenditures; reports monthly at PAC meetings.