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Last Day of Raise the Bar Campaign! Thank you for your support!

Raising the Bar- Fundraising Made-Simple for 2016-2017

Over the last few years, fundraising efforts have continually increased at SFE enabling the PAC to provide additional resources for our school. We have heard, however, that there is a real sense of "fundraising fatigue" among the parent community. Well, we have good news! 

This year’s PAC has decided to try a different fundraising approach. Instead of a large number of smaller efforts, we are going to make it easy for you to make a one-time donation. No more writing of multiple cheques for coffee, gift cards, plants, veggies and volunteering precious time to distribute all these items. We’ve made it a simpler process, and we think that you are going to like it. 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 for the 2016-2017 school year and you can choose from the 5 priorities below what you would like your donation to support:

  1. Technology – With the accelerated rate of change in the world of technology, Simon Fraser needs to stay on top of the fundamentals needed to help with our children’s education. Computers and other classroom equipment are a key component to this. (Goal $2,000*)
  2. Books - Reading is so integral to our children’s education, but unfortunately many of our books are tattered and outdated. A donation towards books will augment our primary reading inventory for home reading/guided reading. (Goal $3,000)
  3. SFE Community - There are a number of key items around our school that will enhance our children’s day-to-day experiences:
    1. Learning aids (i.e. special chairs for classrooms)
    2. Additional performances/artists visiting the school
    3. Classroom supplies (i.e. educational toys / arts and crafts)
    4. Garden tools and soil (Total SFE Community goal of $3,500)
  4. Physical Education – Our children have a lot of energy and we are eager to give them a fun and rewarding PE experience. Help us explore options for such things as a new high-jump mat, an indoor climbing wall and/or program specialists for activities like tennis, hip-hop or roller-blading. (Goal $5,000)
  5. Greatest Need Fund – If you simply want to donate to the school, your donation can remain undesignated. The PAC will ensure that it goes to the area of greatest need for our children. (Goal $1,500)

It is the generosity of our entire community that makes SFE stronger and enhances the learning environment for our children. Every gift makes a difference, regardless of size.  

Thank you in advance for your generous support. 

The campaign will run from Feb. 16th – March 5th

All donors/donations will remain confidential. Donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt.

*All dollar amounts are estimates and could be supplemented by school funds if necessary.


Raising the Bar - Fundraising made-simple for 2016-2017 (Feb 16th – March 5th)

Please check which funding area you are choosing to support. If you choose to support multiple areas, please indicate how much on each.

  • Technology ______ 
  • Books ______
  • SFE Community ______
  • Physical Education ______
  • Greatest Need ______

Child’s Name __________________________________   Division   _________

Parent’s Name, Email and Cell # _____________________________________ _____________________   ______________

Parent’s Mailing Address for tax receipt _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please make cheques payable to Simon Fraser Elementary PAC. 

All donors/donations will remain confidential. Donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt. Online option was not offered so that we could maximize funds going to the school.

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