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Spring Fling

Our school’s annual parent-organized Spring Fling happens Friday, June 3, from 3-6 pm on the school grounds. We need our parent community to come together to make this an afternoon of good fun, great food and delicious baked goods! 

Go to the Spring Fling online sign-up, where you can:

  • Choose at least one 30-minute time slot to make this event possible.(Volunteers will receive 10 free game/activity tickets as a thank you); 

  • Pre-ordering tickets that can be used for activities and concession food (pay now online or drop-off cheque in office payable to Simon Fraser PAC); and

  • Signing-up for volleyball games.

Email if you can loan a cooler, small pop-up tent, or party tent w/o sides, OR, if you can donate band-aids, sunscreen, first-aid kit, instant cold packs, crayons, or sidewalk chalk.

Ticketed activities so you can estimate how many tickets you might need. Tickets are .50/each:

  • Midway games PLAY-for PRIZE card: $6. Play all 9 midway games between     3-4:30 pm, have your card stamped at each station, and then win an age-appropriate prize pack! Games include: Lucky Ducky, Hit the Cans, Go Fish, Ring Toss, Clothespin Drop, Go Coconuts, Shark Bait, No Brainer and Mini Hoop. 

  • Other ticketed activities: 

    • Bouncy castle (3 tickets) and Inflatable fire truck slide (2 tickets); 

    • Beat the Bucket-think Dunk Tank with school staff as willing volunteers! (3 tickets); 

    • Cake walk

    • Used Book sale (1 book=1 ticket); 

    • Water balloon corral (2 tickets=approx. 7 balloons); 

    • and Midway Games (Play-for-fun for 1 ticket each from 3-4:30 if not using a prize card. Note that Midway games will be free from 4:30-5 pm).  

  • Concession food available: popcorn (1 ticket), juice boxes (1 ticket), freezies (1 ticket), ice cream bars (2 tickets), ice cream sandwiches (2 tickets), and chips (1 ticket).

Free activities: 

  • Volleyball drills and mini-games (pre-register to be added to an adult or kid team); 

  • Limbo

  • Quiet area with book tent, colouring tent, tic-tac-toe tent, and sensory tent;

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • First Aid with sunscreen, band-aids, ice packs and polysporin