SCHOOL-WIDE HEAD LICE SCREENING:  Head lice, also know as pediculosis, can be itchy and uncomfortable but are not a major public health concern because they do not spread illness or disease. Head lice spread from person to person. 

Our PAC is bringing the Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic to screen our school community. The Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic teaches a method for lice removal called "wet combing". This process involves applying conditioner to dry hair.  Check the website calendar for this year’s lice check dates.

This will be treated as a school-wide event and checks will be done on a classroom to classroom basis. If your child did not participate in the first screening, the fee for the remaining two screens is still $10. The permission slip and payment should be returned to the school one week prior to the screening.  (Make cheque payable to Simon Fraser Elementary PAC.)

 Here are two add'l resources from Vancouver Coastal Health concerning head lice: a fact sheet regarding head lice; a do/remember chart for various treatment options